Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Review 2021 – Worth Buying?


The Ultima Comfort Memory Foam by Zinus

Zinus, Inc. is a well-established brand that sells mattress and bedding products directly to its consumers and retailers.

The brand’s best-selling mattress, the Pressure Relief Tea Memory Foam Mattress or more widely known as the Green Tea Mattress, comes in four thickness profiles, and each boasts a unique overall feel composition.

Consumers can count on its commitment that it just takes a simple formula of Green Tea and Zinus’ soft memory foam to get an excellent night’s sleep moving forward.

You can’t go wrong with this foam because it is CertiPUR US certified for strength and performance.

4.3 Reviews

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

Best Features

  • Zinus Ultima of 8-inches or thicker profiles have integrated motion isolation.

  • It comes with pressure relief and temperature control.

  • All Green Tea mattresses have a memory foam comfort layer strengthened with high-density polyfoam.

  • Shoppers have the option to consider four different types of profiles: 6, 8, 10, and 12-inches mattresses, with each thickness having its pros.

  • Comes with a Jacquard fabric blend cover, the memory foam infused with green tea extract, and active charcoal for its comfort layer. The transition layer and support core are all made of polyfoam.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Green Tea Mattress Rating Summary

Based on the hundreds of consumer reviews, the average rating for the Green Tea Mattress by Zinus is 4.1 with the following component breakdown:






Edge Support









Product Highlights

  • There are four layers integrated into the mattress. These layers are smartly put together to ensure a longer and quality snooze.
  • The mattress is inspired by nature. It incorporates natural and wholesome elements such as green tea and activCharcoa to absorb unwanted moisture.
  • It is designed to fully contort the sleeper’s body and provide support to the back, shoulders, and spine.
  • This pressure-relieving mattress has good motion isolation making it ideal for co-sleeping and couples.
  • Buyers are guaranteed the highest quality, given that this mattress is Certipur US Certified.

Recommended For

  • Restless sleepers – sleepers who awake easily at the slightest movement or when their partners get in or get up from the bed will love how this mattress can efficiently isolate motion.
  • Value seekers – practical and smart buyers would love this mattress. It is above average quality with competitive features that sleepers can enjoy. It is affordable, and buyers would have many options to choose from.
  • Co-sleepers and Couples – bed partners can have good quality sleep without being disturbed by the other person’s movement.
  • Side sleepers perfect for deep pressure relief for the shoulders, especially the 12-inch thickness profile.
  • Kids – parents won’t need to worry about their kids jumping on the new mattress because it does not have any spring on it.

Not Recommended For

  • Heavy sleepers – this mattress is not compressed enough to comfort people who weigh more. The support layer is also not thick enough for that comfortable sleep.
  • Strict Stomach Sleepers – gives inadequate support to the sleeper’s hips.

Construction Overview

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Reviews

What makes the Zinus Comfort Memory Foam stand out is its features in the memory foam comfort layer. The mattress creates the classic memory feel without the risk or even the slightest possibility of overheating the sleeper. The powerful combination of the ActivCharcoal and Green Tea is responsible for neutralizing the odor. These two components do not in any way make the Zinus a cool foam.

The 12-inch Zinus mattress comes in four layers of high-density polyfoam, poly-foam, and memory foam. This powerful combination is designed to achieve a gentle structure but 100% body contouring and deeper sinkage.

Four Layers of the Green Tea Memory Foam

As a shopper, it is essential to know what kind of foam they will be purchasing and eventually sleeping on, so peeling off one layer at a time, will give all interested buyers an idea of the construction of the Zinus Comfort Memory Foam.

  • Layer 1: Comfort – After the standard Zinus cover, come the 3-inch memory foam layer. This material is designed to have a slower response to pressure, allowing more room for body contouring and sinkage. The slow response to this memory foam layer’s pressure is beneficial because it offers excellent pressure relief. However, the thin cover is not enough to serve as a barrier to prevent the memory foam’s inclination to get hot. In response to this, Zinus made use of Green Tea and ActivCharcoal in the solid foam. These two organic elements are designed to absorb the moisture being generated and, at the same time, neutralize any odor.
  • Layer 2: Transition – Following the 3inch memory foam is a 2-inch firmer poly foam intended to prevent the sleeper from dipping into the mattress’s actual support base. This polyfoam layer is designed to be less firm than the rest of the bed’ layer so the body contouring can still be achieved. Its firmness is a balance between the comfort layer and the layers of support below it.
  • Layer 3: Support – This is the start of foundational support for the whole mattress. It is a 3.5-inch high-density polyfoam directly under the transition layer.
  • Layer 4: Base – This is the second layer of high-density polyfoam that gives the Zinus its shape. It also supports the first layer of the mattress. Like most typical bed-in-the-box mattresses, this also uses HD poly foam, a standard for most brands because this type of material works and is already proven and tested.

Zinus Ultimas Comfort

Rating Breakdown

This mattress from Zinus won’t be a best-seller for nothing. It was designed to give the sleeper the best of all sleep. The foam was tested in several aspects and has passed rigorous testing and quality control.

Below are the elements that are put in place to ensure that the shopper and eventually sleeper get the best green tea mattress on the market.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The Zinus Green Tea mattress with profiles of 8-inches and thicker can guarantee above-average motion isolation.

This memory foam can absorb the sleeper’s movements and stops most of these movements from getting transferred across the bed’s surface.

This is a common feature of most memory foams. As a result, this reduces nighttime interruptions for sleepers who easily wake when their co-sleeper changes position or makes any other movements on the bed.

Take note that the 6-inch Zinus Green Tea mattress does not effectively isolate motion as the other profiles.

This is mainly due to the measurement of the comfort layer. This profile’s comfort layer is only an inch thick thus cannot efficiently absorb the movement like its thicker counterparts.

Users of the 6-inch mattress will notice and feel more responsiveness on the mattress’s surface, which will result in a more apparent movement. When one of the bed partners moves or gets out of bed, the other will strongly feel these movements.

Pressure Relief

Its thickness directly influences the pressure relief of the Zinus Ultima Memory Foam mattress.

Getting the six and 8-inch mattresses may not be a smart and practical move. The 10-inch and the 12-inch model rates 5/5, so this what consumers should aim for.

The two thickest mattresses are known to have the softest surface.

Its comfort layers seamlessly contour and closely follows the shape of the sleeper.

Users can easily sink into this mattress.

Side sleepers who weigh 230 pounds would feel lesser pressure because the foam molds into the user’s body figure.

The mattress also effectively pillows their hips and cushions the shoulders. Their spine will also be better aligned when using this foam.

Additionally, this specific Zinus mattress model also reduces the pressure sans sagging excessively. This makes it highly recommended for side and back sleepers who weigh 130 pounds and less.

Temperature Control

Among the four thickness profiles of the Zinus Green Tea Mattress, the 6-inch foam is considered the coolest to sleep in.

This is primarily due to its firmer feel compared to its thicker equivalents.

When resting on the mattress, the sleeper will not sink deeply into the foam, which means improved surface airflow, and the mattress will also not absorb and keep all the unnecessary body heat.

Users don’t need to be wary, though, that they will end with a cold mattress because this one still provides a level of warmth.

The thicker mattress profiles give the sleeper more warmth since the comfort layers conform to the sleeper’s body. With this, there is more heat absorption happening within with lesser airflow on the upper layers.

Edge Support

One of the opportunities of the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam is its edge support. The 6-inch model is average and sturdier around the edges compared to the mattress’ thicker versions.

Users of this mattress will be quick to notice that there is sinkage happening when they get in and out of bed.

Sleeping near the edge might also be a concern for sleepers, especially if the user is more than 130 pounds.

The security level around the perimeter is not reassuring, but the high-density base makes up for the lack of support. It gives a fair amount of reinforcement since the bed is low in profile anyway.


Off-gassing is typical for almost all-foam mattresses. When these foams are unboxed, it lets out particles known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and with these compounds come a nasty chemical scent.

Some mattresses release this odor quickly and dissipate in no time.

Unfortunately, the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam only does in its above-average capability. There will be a wait time for users before the scent completely disappears.

In particular, the ten and 12-inch thick mattresses appear to have the most potent odor, and it can be bothersome and frustrating for some owners.

They would typically complain about that lingering smell even after being aired out, and it lasts for weeks to months.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory


Shoppers who are considering this mattress have many options, and they can indeed find one that can fit their budget.

For the Zinus memory foam, you must prepare a budget between $150 to $1,000. Retail prices may vary and can be higher and even lower depending on the merchant of choice. Additionally, these prices are also dependent on the size.

A quick overview of what buyers can expect when shopping for this mattress:

For an 8-inch mattress profile:

  • Twin and Twin XL are both below $200. It costs approximately $164 and $199 respectively.
  • Full and queen has a price tag of $209 and $238.
  • King size would cost $287.

For a 10-inch model:

  • Twin is at $187.
  • Full and queen at $245 and $278.
  • King size at $366.

For a 12-inch model:

  • Twin and full size are both under $200. Their price is $209 and $278.
  • Queen can be bought for $344.
  • King and California King at $410.

Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

  • Sleep Trial: What’s unique about the company is Zinus provides a 100-night trial. Potential buyers wanting to experience the Green Tea Mattress can avail of this offer. The trial is not inclusive of a required break-in time, so if the user wants to return the mattress prior to completing the 100-nights period, he or she can without any questions.
  • 10-year warranty: The company gives this Green Tea Mattress with a decade of warranty. This assurance, though, is not pro-rated. Zinus will only shoulder the costs associated with replacements and repairs if your mattress gets a defect. As the owner, though, expect to shoulder the shipping costs.
  • Shipping: Zinus provides free ground shipping if the buyer’s shipping address is within the 48 contiguous states. Shoppers outside these states, including Alaska and Hawaii residents, would need to procure the product from a 3rd party retailer so delivery can be arranged.
  • In-Home Set-Up: Setting this up doesn’t require any professionals. Upon receipt of the parcel, the new proud owner can settle it in the room where it will be used. Unbox the mattress and gently remove its plastic wrapping using a knife. Upon getting all the wrapping off, the mattress will begin expanding. It is best to give the mattress up to 48 hours to complete the recovery process.


4.3 Reviews

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

Best Features

  • Zinus Ultima of 8-inches or thicker profiles have integrated motion isolation.

  • It comes with pressure relief and temperature control.

  • All Green Tea mattresses have a memory foam comfort layer strengthened with high-density polyfoam.

  • Shoppers have the option to consider four different types of profiles: 6, 8, 10, and 12-inches mattresses, with each thickness having its pros.

  • Comes with a Jacquard fabric blend cover, the memory foam infused with green tea extract, and active charcoal for its comfort layer. The transition layer and support core are all made of polyfoam.

Overall, the Zinus Comfort Memory Foam boasts an overall soft profile. It is ideal for strict side sleepers because it provides more than adequate pressure relief in both shoulders and hips.

If the sleeper is fond of sinking deep into the mattress with a typical memory foam feel, the best recommendation is to get the 3-inch memory foam comfort layer.

Another plus point for the Zinus is its ability to effectively isolate movement very well, which is very beneficial for co-sleepers and couples. Restless sleepers would appreciate that this mattress can control the movement and not spread it across the surface.

But just like all products, this mattress would also have its own set of opportunities.

For one, it is not a bouncy mattress.

With an overall soft profile, strict stomach sleepers will not appreciate this mattress because it provides zero to minimal support in the hips. It is also not ideal if the sleeper is looking for reinforcement for spinal alignment.

Also, this memory foam tends to sleep hot, and the company appears not to have any plans to update this because it allows plenty of memory foam near the sleeper.

This mattress is worth purchasing. Its overall features are intended to give the sleeper an excellent good night’s sleep.

Co-sleeping will be a more enjoyable experience. Also, the drawbacks are an easy compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these mattresses manufactured?

Zinus considers itself a vertically integrated company, which means that all components used in their mattresses – from the design to the manufacturing and distributing – are owned by the brand. South Korea is the base for the brand’s product designers, while the factories that manufacture the mattresses are in Xiamen, China.

Can the Zinus mattress cover be washed?

The mattresses are designed to be self-contained delivery systems. Removing the Zinus mattress cover is not recommended because it will jeopardize the whole set-up. It is not washable, and removing the cover may cause the fire safety barrier to be repressed.

Is the Zinus mattress ready to use upon arrival?

It takes a maximum of days for the mattress to fluff up and reach its full height ultimately. It is safe to use it when it starts to expand, but it is not recommended. It is best to wait for it to be completely decompressed.

What is the ideal bed frame for the Zinus mattress?

The mattresses are not picky and are extremely low maintenance. An adjustable bed frame, box spring, slatted base, platform bed frame, or Bunkie board will work well with this Ultima Comfort Memory Foam if it is a flat surface that can support the mattress.

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