Eco Terra Mattress Review 2021 – Is It Worth Buying?

Eco Terra Latex mattress review

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is made of all-natural materials that will ensure you high quality and deeper sleep. This mattress has been handcrafted to provide maximum comfort in all aspects of sleeping. 

344 Reviews

Eco Mattress Latex Mattress

Best Features

  • Temperature regulating mattress made of organic wool that wicks out moisture and heat as you sleep.

  • Handcrafted 100% natural latex without any chemical or adhesive that makes mattresses prone to breakdown.

  • Long lasting edge-to-edge support that works against sagging or dipping with long term use.

  • Fine organic cotton cover that is stretched and not woven for soft sleep all night long.

  • Single source of latex for maximal REM sleep with high responsiveness that molds your body properly.

It features a unique thermoregulating effect from 100% natural wool that keeps you cool all the time. Finding a mattress that molds your body perfectly is not hard with the Eco Terra Latex Mattress because the latex they used is from a single source giving you comfort that is unmatched with synthetic foams.

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It comes in six different sizes that works well with adjustable bases. It offers zero-motion transfer for a ‘sleeping on the cloud’ effect, a soft cotton cover for a welcoming surface, and a long lasting and firm edge-to-edge support. They guarantee comfort on all of your nights at a competitive price plus a 90-night sleep trial with easy and free shipping and return. In this Eco mattress review, we’ll take a look if this is worth buying. Let’s get started.

About the Brand

About Eco Terra Mattress

Eco Terra takes pride in providing customers with the leading eco-friendly mattress since 2016. They take pride in their innovative mattresses that are handcrafted with natural materials without any chemicals, adhesives, nor synthetic substances.

The company is very transparent in the quality of their mattress with their law label. By partnering directly with sustainable farmers, they have the best organic materials that are handcrafted in-house, leading to an honest pricing in their mattress. 

They are confident with their products that they offer a 90-night free trial with free shipping and hassle-free returns.

Eco Terra Latex Mattress Rating Summary

Hundreds of customers expressed their delight and honest review on the Eco Terra Latex Mattress giving it an average rating of 4.9 over a 5.0 rating.




Body Pain



In-home Setup

Product Highlights

  • The mattress layers out the right materials that provides comfort, support, and pressure relief without disturbing your partner beside.
  • Best mattress for hot-sleepers because of the product’s breathable material that keeps you cool and dry, with no worry on moisture accumulating over time
  • It has two firmness levels, medium and medium-firm that fits to your own sleeping preference
  • Takes pride in not adding any synthetic material, additive, nor chemical in all their mattresses
  • Uses quantum coils that are enclosed with an exceptional casing that makes airflow accessible with the right amount of support and spinal alignment
  • Hassle-free delivery and returns with a 90-night sleep trial

Recommended For:


The mattress offers stable support the entire night for couples sleeping in together. The zero-motion transfer keeps one asleep all night when there is a light sleeper or a night-owl sleeping in on a different time.  

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Eco terra Mattress for Couples

Hot Sleepers

The natural component of their mattress keeps heat and moisture off all night long. They guarantee a cool sleep as their organic cotton keeps you dry while being tucked in at night.

People with shoulder, hip, and back discomfort

The breathable and dynamic support of the mattress ensures the right alignment for your shoulders, hips and back. This mechanism lessens the pain and ensure customers will wake up from comfortable quality sleep all the time.

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Eco Terra Latex Mattress

Budget-conscious shoppers

Their mattress have been handcrafted in-house cutting unnecessary costs. They have also teamed up with farmers to directly source out all the organic materials they have used. Quality is ensured without shelling out too much cash.

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Environment-friendly customers

They take pride in providing certified organic and all-natural latex, cotton and wool. They have also vouched for non-existence of polyurethane and other toxic materials.

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Not Recommended For:

People who need deep pressure relief

This mattress offers the right relief from common joint discomforts, but does not guarantee deep pressure relief from long-term joint and muscle aches.

Memory foam lovers

Since this mattress is made of all-natural materials, it does not have a memory foam and will not provide you with a deep cradling sensation.

Construction Overview

The cotton cover of the Eco Terra Mattress is as inviting as sleeping on the clouds. This cover is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is stretched to provide a welcoming surface. The breathable and soft nature of cotton ensures a more comfortable sleep minus the friction on the skin.

Eco Terra Organic Materials

The main materials of this mattress are made all-natural, making the construction to be carefully handcrafted to optimize all its effects. The innovative layering offers customers the best sleep with the right thickness and layering of the organic and all-natural materials.

Stretched Organic Cover

The organic cotton cover has been ethically sourced without synthetic fabrics or fabric blends. It is also free from dyes and other chemicals. The supreme softness gives an overall plush texture that is very inviting. 

The cover is lightly tufted and is breathable. This type of cover is moisture-wicking, ensuring customers a cool night. It is then layers with a wool batting, acting as a natural insulator.

Luxurious Latex Layer

The main source of comfort in the Eco Terra Mattress is the three-inch thick 100% natural Talalay latex. It comes from a single source and has no chemical nor adhesive in its composition. This layer is seamless throughout, and is buoyant, giving customers a mild cradling effect.

Eco Terra Mattress

It is highly responsive as one climbs in without the heavy contouring sensation in memory foams. It also moderately molds the shape of the sleeper.

Compared to other latex products, Talalay latex is fluffier, giving customers lesser density and lesser heat retention, with a more soothing and softer feel.

Supportive Quantum Coils

The eight-inch support comes from the reliable quantum coils of the Eco Terra Mattress. Each coil comes from recycled steel that are stress-relieved and heat-treated. It is also individually encased with a food-grade polypropylene fabric in order to reduce motion transfer as your partner moves around. They are then zoned to provide high-standard comfort all over. They are responsive and will compress back depending on the weight of the sleeper. The steel coils also run around the perimeter for a superior edge support.

Temperature Regulating Wool Comfort

Situated beneath the cover, the layer of wool regulates temperature to keep the sleeper cool all the time. This material is a flame retardant that will act as a natural insulator. Aside from keeping the temperature neutralized, it also prevents and resists mold, mildew and dust mites to accumulate.

Rating Breakdown

Eco Terra is known to provide utmost quality mattresses using materials that are genuinely natural. Here is the breakdown on the key elements of this environment-friendly mattress:


The latex hybrid mattress is known to be exceedingly durable as it combines the robustness of latex and coils. The latex that Eco Terra used has a single origin and is not a mix of other artificial fabric or material. This eliminated the tendency of the mattress to breakdown easily. 

The quantum coils used is further encased with a fabric that is non-toxic and non-woven, making it withstand sleepers for a long time. It has an overall remarkable solid construction that will last homeowners for a couple of years.

Temperature Regulation

Eco Terra can outperform other expensive mattresses when it comes to regulating temperature. The natural latex that they have used has an unmatched capability of neutralizing temperature. They hand this note-worthy category to the Talalay latex that they used on their mattress. It has a great temperature neutralizing ability compared to other latex products.

Heat that tends to stay on the bed while sleeping is variably altered and kept off with the excellent airflow mechanism using their coils. The pocketed quantum coils are cased individually, making the springs float self-sufficiently. This improves airflow overnight, maintaining the temperature of the mattress.


Customers can choose two levels of firmness on Eco Terra mattresses.

Eco Terra Comfort Sleep mattress

The Medium is the choice best fitted for side and back sleepers. On a 10-point scale, the firmness of Eco Terra’s Medium is around 5.5 / 10. This is great for sleepers who long to have a gentle cradling effect. Because its firmness is around the middle, it provides great contouring and mild pressure relief.

The other firmness option that they have is the Medium-firm. This mattress is excellent for side, back and stomach sleepers of different weights. This option has given customers a reflexive cradling sensation and gives a better degree of support. 

Edge Support

The Eco Terra has an above average edge support considering that it has pocketed coils. Sitting on the edge may cause one to dip, but resting the entire body near the edge is a whole different story. Customers are very well-supported even at the edges. Eco Terra has eliminated the feeling of rolling off even when they were at the perimeter. This can be attributed to the coil zoning mechanism.


The mattresses from Eco Terra provide an average noise level. It is pretty much silent as one climbs onto the bed, however, customers might hear a very slight and almost unrecognizable coil creak. This was not as evident when one changes position.

Motion Isolation

Eco Terra offers a zero-motion transfer for a more buoyant sleep. Coils add a slight bouncy feel so customers may notice when their partners move around, but it is not that significant to wake them up at night. They have also noticed how it is less apparent when one gets out of bed.

Pricing and Sizing

The overall mattress pricing of Eco Terra is fair and budget-friendly. The company keeps their prices lower compared to other hybrid mattresses as they manufacture every mattress in-house and by selling it directly. It comes inexpensive for a mattress made of all-natural latex. This has been a very striking and convincing choice for budget-wise and environment-conscious customers.

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress comes in six varied standard sizes. There is currently a sale on their products with $150 off with the code SALE150.


The twin-sized mattress is perfect for solo sleepers and kids, costing at $849. This is Eco Terra’s least inexpensive and smallest mattress available.

Twin XL

Solo sleepers who like to move around will find the Twin XL best for them. It costs $949.


The full-sized bed of Eco Terra costs $1049 and is best for solo sleepers who like to extend their personal space to its optimal best.


This mattress allows maximum comfort without movement restriction in solo sleepers with its larger leg room. Some couples also opt this size as this costs $1149.


This is the widest and most expensive mattress from Eco Terra, costing at $1349.

California King

Eco Terra’s longest and most expensive mattress with a slightly different dimension is the California King sized one. This is a pound lighter than the King and costs $1349.

Refunds, Warranty, and Shipping

The Sleep Trial

You can enjoy 90 full days of sleeping, lounging, and relaxing on their mattress with their sleep trial. The company is confident that you will sleep better with their mattress to have this offer. They are also willing to arrange the pickup and give you a full-refund in case you are not 100% satisfied with the product. All sleep trials begin at the date of purchase.

Hassle-free Shipping

The mattress is rolled to your convenience. It comes in a box that is suitable on most home entrances. The box that it comes with easily fits through doors and stairs for an easy transfer and set-up.

Justified Warranty

Eco Terra offers one of best warranties in the market. They offer a full 15-year warranty on every new purchase of their Eco Terra Latex Mattress. The warranty covers indentations and sagging of up to one and a half inches deep.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are simple under Eco Terra. Upon purchase, they ask their customers to consider having full 30 days of usage on their Eco Terra Latex Mattress so customers can adjust their sleeping habit on natural latex. After which, if customers have decided that the mattress is not suitable for their liking, they can easily return it with a full refund of the original price.


344 Reviews

Eco Mattress Latex Mattress

Best Features

  • Temperature regulating mattress made of organic wool that wicks out moisture and heat as you sleep.

  • Handcrafted 100% natural latex without any chemical or adhesive that makes mattresses prone to breakdown.

  • Long lasting edge-to-edge support that works against sagging or dipping with long term use.

  • Fine organic cotton cover that is stretched and not woven for soft sleep all night long.

  • Single source of latex for maximal REM sleep with high responsiveness that molds your body properly.

In this Eco Terra mattress review, we found at this this is the best fairly priced, all-natural, and eco-friendly mattress you can invest in. The inviting texture of the cover gives off a smooth and soft look. It is free from synthetic fabrics, dyes, and other blends that can impose a toxic sleeping quality.

The company takes pride in their handcrafted mattress, sourced from their teamed farmers. Environment-conscious shoppers can enjoy two firmness levels, depending on their preference. They also show the law label of their mattress to give their customers the peace of mind on the quality of what they sleep on.

Aside from keeping the price to be at side of the budget-conscious, they also have other affordable shipping and trial offers for their customers. They provide an excellent in-home delivery and set-up with a value-added fee. Their 90-night trial period is admirable with a hassle-free return policy and a justified warranty. They also issue a full-refund on their returned products.

Overall, the Eco Terra Latex Mattress is a great investment for sleepers who value comfort and fair-pricing. Their innovative ways in providing customers with high-quality mattresses using all-natural and organic materials is unmatched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sleeping on the Eco Terra feel like?

The combination of the right amount of cotton cover, latex layer, and quantum coils provides customers with the feeling “sleeping on the clouds”. The construction is ingenious to provide a soft feel that disregards pressure points for a sound and restful sleep.

Does the Eco Terra Mattress contain polyurethane?

There is no polyurethane on the current Eco Terra Latex Mattress. The previous versions of the Eco Terra Mattress contained a small amount and thin non-toxic certified polyurethane layer. But in the pursuit of providing a more natural mattress to sleep on, the company has replaced all previous polyurethane-containing layers with a GOTS-certified organic wool.

What set-up can be done on the Eco Terra Mattress?

Frames with excellent support are best for the Eco Terra Mattress. It can be set up on platform beds, orthopedic foundations, and on both slatted and adjustable bases. It is highly recommended to keep the mattress off the ground to ensure the best sleep experience.

Will the Eco Terra work well with an adjustable base?

Yes. An adjustable base works well with the mattress as long as it is adequately elevated. Adjustable foundations that give off proper support bring out the best in the Eco Terra Mattress.

What is the legal tag on the mattress?

Companies are lawfully obliged to provide a legal tag on their products so that consumers are properly informed on the materials used. Eco Terra aims to provide customers an informed choice with their products. The legal tag shows the filling materials in their percentages by weight.

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