Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Review (2021)


The Wave Hybrid Mattress by Casper

Best Features

  • Cooling gel pods in just the right spots to relieve body aches as you sleep

  • Three layers of high-quality foam infused with cooling gel

  • Combines foam and springs to maximize both the lift and the airflow of the mattress

  • Provides ample support for the body so you wake up with more energy and less pain

The Wave Hybrid Mattress by Casper is one of the best hybrid mattresses currently on the market.

It has a combination of springs and foam to give the best support, airflow, and ergonomic support.

Made out of recycled materials, this mattress is good for the environment and for your back pain.

There are multiple layers of foam with cooling gel pads thoughtfully placed for maximum pain relief for body aches.

It comes in a full range of sizes from twin to California king.

Currently there are some great deals going on to get an additional percentage off when you purchase this mattress.

Wave Hybrid Mattress Rating Summary




Body Pain



In-home Setup

Product Highlights

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Review

Product Highlights

  • There are five layers to the mattress design which work seamlessly together for maximum comfort

  • Hot sleepers will love the cooling gel that is applied to every layer of foam and added gel pods in just the right places

  • Helps to prevent and soothe body aches while you sleep

  • Incredibly easy to in-home

  • Strategically placed cooling gel infused pods provide an ample amount of support for the multiple zones of the body

  • Made with eco-friendly materials including up to 121 plastic bottles recycled into the mattress coverNew List Item

Recommended For

Couples: Couples can enjoy more restful nights of sleep due to the comfortable support and cooling materials.  Most people who buy this mattress report significantly less tossing and turning at night which means they wake their partners less often.

Hot sleepers: Some people, mostly men, are very hot sleepers and sweat throughout the night.  This can be uncomfortable and gross to wake up in a sweat.  This mattress has layers of cooling gel within the foam that keeps sleepers at a comfortable temperature.

People with hip and back pain: The layers of support and ergonomically placed with gel pods which offer relief for body aches as you sleep. People who switched to this mattress have reported less hip and back pain almost instantly after sleeping on this mattress.

Light sleepers: People who usually toss and turn all night have reported that their sleep patterns drastically improved when they started using this mattress.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses

Not Recommended

If you prefer spring mattresses: This mattress uses a combination of spring and foam, so if you only like spring mattresses the Wave Hybrid may not be for you.

Low budget shoppers: There are currently some great deals going on to get a discount on this mattress, but if you are not prepared to invest over $1,000 into a mattress you should consider cheaper options like a spring mattress.

Construction Overview

The key element of the construction with this hybrid mattress is the “wave” design.

The mattress looks normal from the outside, but on the inside the supporting elements are ergonomically placed in a wave formation to support key zones of the body.

More support is applied under the lower back and the waist because it keeps the spine properly aligned.

Keeping the spine straight while sleeping is the best way to prevent back pain and this mattress does an excellent job with the construction in this area.


Five Layers of Comfort & Support

This mattress has five innovative foam layers that work together to provide a great night’s sleep.

Layer One: Cooling Gel : The cooling gel is applied in a layer over the top of the mattress. This way the part of the mattress that is closest to the body and more susceptible to heat maintains a comfortable temperature even for very hot sleepers. The foam itself is breathable and comfortable even directly on the skin.

Layer Two: Airscape Foam: Airscape foam is a trademarked high-quality foam for mattresses. It has small holes throughout the foam which is what makes it so breathable. Working together with the cooling gel, this design is very effective for releasing warm air to maintain a steady temperature throughout the night.

Layer Three: Airscape Foam: There are three layers of airscape foam on the top layer of the mattress which is for providing the best cooling. This layer of foam begins to create the underlying wave shape which supports the spine. It is soft in the areas under the shoulders and more firm under the lower back and waist.

Layer Four: Gel Pods: The gel pods are placed under the first three layers of cooling foam. The gel pods are more effective for providing support than foam alone. They serve to keep the spine aligned and create the wave shape. Gel pods provide continuous back support as well as further cooling.

Layer Five: Springs: The Wave Hybrid mattress combines foam, gel pods, and springs to get the best out of all of the different materials. The springs add extra lift to the mattress as well as improve the overall airflow. Another benefit of the springs is that the extra firmness allows you to get out of bed easily.

Rating Breakdown

This innovative hybrid of materials is designed by experts and backed by science. Here is a breakdown of each of the key elements which work together to make this one of the best cooling foam mattresses currently on the market.




Unlike other foam mattresses which some people find too soft, this hybrid mattress combines resilient springs with ergonomically placed gel pods to ensure that it is firm enough to support your spine, shoulders, and hips. It is a good balance between soft and firm for those who like something in between.


The wave design of the mattress is incredible for getting a good night’s sleep. Side-sleepers will especially benefit from the wave support. It is soft under the shoulders so that they can fall back easily, and more supportive under the hips and lower back. Problem areas are taken care of.

Edge Support

One of the things that people forget to consider when shopping for a mattress is how it feels to get into and out of the bed. For those with joint, back, and hip pain it can be painful to get out of bed without the proper edge support. The fifth layer of springs provides a strong support for getting out of bed.


This mattress puts a lot of emphasis on the cooling aspects. It has tiny holes throughout the foam layers which keep the mattress from absorbing heat. In addition to the airflow, the mattress is also treated with cooling gel in the pods and top layer which keep away the dreaded night sweats.

Motion Isolation

The layers of foam help to isolate motion for couples.

There are some mattresses who have better motion isolation than this one, but overall it does a pretty good job.

Couples have reported that they sleep together easier because they toss and turn less with this bed.


The price of this mattress starts around $1,500 and goes up to $3,000.

Most memory foam mattresses are listed between $600-$1,200.

This mattress starts at over $1,400 and is worth every penny.

It is a long lasting mattress with a powerful innovative design which is why it costs more than a standard foam mattress.

Spring mattresses average at around $800-$900.

A hybrid mattress like this one is always going to cost you more than that, with an average price of $1,500.

That puts the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress at a slightly higher price point than most, with extra features to make up for the luxury price.

  • Twin: The twin bed is the cheapest/smallest option and has a market price of $1,495. With the current promotional deal you can save $224 and get the twin for only $1,271.
  • Twin XL: The extra large twin bed is $200 more than the twin with a listing price of $1,695.
  • Full: The full size bed is $2,395 normally, but is currently on sale for around $2,000.
  • Queen: The queen is $200 more than the full and has a listing price of $2,595. It is currently marked down to $2,206.
  • King and CAL King: The king and CAL king are both listed for just under $3,000. You can get the biggest discount with this deal with a current promotional price of only $2,546.


  • 10-year limited warranty: This mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. They have a friendly customer service team that is always available if you have any questions or concerns. One buyer reported that UPS lost their mattress and Casper quickly replaced it. They do a great job with keeping up with shipping demands.
  • Free returns and shipping: In both the United States and Canada Casper provides free shipping and free returns with the purchase of any of their mattresses. Shipping fees may apply for Hawaii and Alaska.
  • In-home setup: One of the great things about shopping with this mattress company is that they provide free in-home setup for large mattresses. You need to buy a king sized mattress to get the set-up for free, but for an additional fee they can set up any mattress for you.


Best Features

  • Cooling gel pods in just the right spots to relieve body aches as you sleep

  • Three layers of high-quality foam infused with cooling gel

  • Combines foam and springs to maximize both the lift and the airflow of the mattress

  • Provides ample support for the body so you wake up with more energy and less pain

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is a great hybrid mattress for the price. If you are looking to spend a little bit more than the average amount for a mattress in order to get better support then this is a good investment for you. The wave design is proven to help most people sleep better with more comfort.

Order right away to take advantage of the current listing price of 15% off. You can save hundreds of dollars with this discount, bringing the luxury pricing down to that of a normal mattress without all the added benefits of this design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses Last?

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses will last for a minimum of five years, but with proper care will last much longer. It comes with a 10 year warranty so it is safe to say that it will remain comfortable and usable for at least 10 years. It is a fairly long lasting mattress.

Can I Use a Box Spring with the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress?

You can use a box spring with this mattress, but you don’t need to. The mattress will work just as well with or without a box spring. It has enough edge support on the base that a box spring may be overkill, but if your bedframe calls for a box spring it won’t mess anything up.

You can order a box spring through Casper’s website for around $250 that will work perfectly with this mattress.

Can You Flip a Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress?

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is not a good mattress for flipping. The five layers are placed in such a way that flipping it would defeat the purpose of the wave design. The top layers are made of foam and the bottom layer has springs so reversing it would be uncomfortable.

Are Casper Mattresses Toxic?

The materials used in the construction of this hybrid foam mattress are all certified as nontoxic by the CertiPUR-US program. The chemicals used in production are free of harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

The top layer of foam is made of polyurethane, the second layer is made of latex, the third is of memory, the form layer is polyurethane foam, and the base is made out of springs encased in foam. None of the foam, chemicals, or metals used are toxic.

This mattress is safe for children and pregnant women. It is certified by an accredited organization to ensure the guaranteed safety.

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