7 Best Saatva Mattress Alternatives in 2021 (Reviews)


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  • Made with gel-memory & aerated-latex (non-allergenic)

  • Comfy & supportive at the same time

  • Breathable cooling cloud feature

Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress is an ultra-premium memory foam mattress that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, Saatva offers a 180-night home trial period so you can try it out fully before making a purchase. However, it doesn’t take that long to realize that this mattress provides the best sleep experience one could expect from a mattress.

Handcrafted in the U.S, with eco-friendly and premium materials, this Saatva mattress offers lots of benefits. For instance, due to back support and pressure relief technology, the bed contours around your body as you sleep, minimizing any pain or tension stored in your pressure points like shoulders, hips, or legs). Furthermore, the mattress sleeps cool due to the ultra-breathable gel-infused foam, which keeps the temperature on the mattress at an ideal level for sleeping.

In addition, the mattress is hypoallergenic and all foam materials used are Certi-PUR-US certified. This means the mattress can be used even by sleepers who are prone to allergies from dust, mites, and other allergens that tend to gather inside standard mattresses.

The Best Saatva Mattress Alternatives in 2021

Nolah Evolution 15″ Hybrid Mattress

4.9/5 Reviews

Best Features

  • Modern sleep technologies and materials

  • A luxury hybrid design

  • Perfect for side-, back-, and combo sleepers

  • Comfy & supportive at the same time

The Nolah Evolution is marketed as an ultra-high-tech luxury hybrid mattress with advanced features that keep both the heat and allergens away. First of all, you get in contact with the ArcticTex™ cover which is made with fibers with high thermal conductivity in order to absorb and disperse any excess heat. Underneath, there is a 2″ quilted Euro topper that hugs your body and curves just the way you like it. For support, the Evolution mattress uses the patented HDMax™️ Tri-Zoned 8-inch coil system in combination with 1” of high-density core support foam that serves as a support for the coils. As a result, anyone sleeping on this mattress will feel supported and comfortable. 

Why is it good?

  • The Evolution mattress is a luxury design that uses modern sleep technologies in order to offer users an amazing sleep experience. Just like with a Saatva mattress, every little detail is cared for and each layer has been scientifically designed to maximize comfort and improve sleep.
  • As a Euro-top and a hybrid design, this is a great alternative to a Saatva mattress as it can provide similar comfort and support. It’s also delivered in a box, which doesn’t happen with Saatva models (they feature white glove delivery).


The GhostBed Mattress

10,819 Reviews

Best Features

  • Hypoallergenic surface

  • Breathable materials

  •  Comforting and supportive

Unlike most hybrid designs, the GhostBed Classic mattress is a hybrid between memory foam and latex foam (no coils core). As a result, the bed has the bounciness and firmness of latex and the softness and contouring of memory foam. In addition, there is a layer of gel-infused foam with large cells that allow the air to move through the surface and disperse the heat away in mere seconds. Therefore, this is a comforting and supporting surface that doesn’t have the bounce of coils which means the motion transfer is close to zero. Lastly, the base is made from high-density foam which increases the overall durability of the mattress without adding to the overall weight. 

Why is it good?

  • The combination of latex and gel-infused memory foam creates a luxurious and comforting surface that takes care of any sleeper’s needs. Also, the smooth cover is stretchy and cozy enhancing the overall experience.
  • Just like many Saatva all-foam designs, the GhostBed Classic was designed with care for spine alignment and pressure relief. It’s also a durable mattress that can be easily moved around. 

Puffy Lux Mattress

9045 Reviews

Best Features

  • Great support for the spine in any position

  • Soft, premium hypoallergenic cover

  • Cooling Cloud™ & Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam

  • Lifetime Warranty & 101-night trial

The Puffy Lux mattress is made using high-quality materials and will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud while you rest. This is due to the fact that the foam used to make it (there are 4 different layers) is highly-breathable and airy. Furthermore, the mattress has targeted spinal alignment and works hard at eliminating pressure from your body (due to the Firm Core Support middle layer).

Other great features of a Puffy mattress include its ability to be placed on any surface, including adjustable frames, and that the mattress is perfect for all kinds of sleepers (but ideal for side sleepers). It is hypoallergenic and is designed in a way that gives the utmost breathability and cooling. Get ready to wake up without any back pains, or any spinal issues. 

All Puffy mattresses come with a lifetime warranty for the initial owner and a 101 days trial period. During this time, you can return the mattress for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.


  • Lifetime warranty firms your trust in the product and gives you peace of mind and a peaceful sleep
  • Made in the U.S.A and ships free to your doorstep with FedEx


  • This specific model is firmer than the hybrid models that are offered

Amerisleep AS2 Memory Foam Mattress

3202 Reviews

Best Features

  • Designed to satisfy most sleepers out there

  • Breathable plant-based Bio-Pur® open-cell materials

  • Responsive surface (layer of coils)

  • Hypoallergenic & resistant to dust mites

Compared to any traditional mattresses available on the market, this mattress is a considerable upgrade.

First, the surface is highly breathable and keeps your body temperature at an ideal level during the night. This is due to the patented Bio-Pur open-cell structure that allows air to flow freely through the foam. Additionally, it prevents the build-up of heat and is the perfect mattress for hot sleepers.

Second, this mattress is one of the best for your body as it relieves tension and pain from pressure points and responds rapidly to your movements (the foam is bouncy and responsive). The entire mattress is made of eco-friendly materials, including renewable plant-based oils, and the foam is CertiPUR-US approved. In addition, the mattress is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew which makes it safe for everyone.

Overall, the Amerisleep AS2 mattress is a great alternative to a Saatva mattress since it is more affordable and easier to maneuver (comes in a box). It’s also easier to maintain due to the custom-made Bio-Pur memory foam.


  • 100-night risk-free trial with free shipping
  • Keeps you cool throughout the night, with breathability and coolness


  • Does not come with a free cooling mattress topper

The Luxury Bliss – Hybrid Latex Mattress

198 Reviews

Best Features

  • Certified organic materials

  • Close to zero motion transfer

  • GOLS certified organic latex for top layer

  • 25-year warranty

  • 100-nights trial period

if you’re looking for a luxurious surface that both comforting and supportive, the Luxury Bliss mattress from PlushBeds is a wonderful option. The mattress is handcrafted in the USA and is designed using natural materials, which will put at rest any worries about synthetic materials (like memory foam).

It’s also a hybrid design, which means you get the plushness of foam (in this case, GOLS certified organic latex foam) and the support of innersprings. The core of the mattress is made from individually wrapped, pocketed coils that provide perfect back support, regardless of your position. Furthermore, the coils make the mattress buoyant and there is almost zero motion transfer (which makes it perfect for couples as well).

Lastly, GOTS certified organic cotton cover and organic wool fire barrier add to the overall plushness of the surface.


  • The mattress is perfect for people who wake up with sores and aches, and for those who sleep in different positions
  • The hybrid build creates a cradling surface that’s also buoyant
  • Almost zero motion transfer


  • The mattress is a bit heavier than only memory foam designs

The Idle Mattress

2095 Reviews

Best Features

  • GOL Certified Latex 

  • Two firmness options and handles

  • 100% natural Talalay latex

  • Tufted organic cotton cover

With a three-layered cored, The Idle is the flagship design from IdleSleep – a well-known brand on the market of online memory foam and hybrid mattresses. The mattress is an all memory foam model, with a washable quilted cover made from Tier-1 450GSM+ fibers and a 100% natural cotton barrier that keeps the allergens and germs away.

The top layer is made from a custom-blended foam with gel infusion that keeps the surface buoyant and provides back support for pressure relief. The second layer has perforated holes that allow airflow to move unhindered and ensure a cool sleeping experience. Lastly, the base layer is made from high-density memory foam and provides sleepers with a solid foundation.

The Idle mattress is affordable, easy to maneuver (comes in a box), and has a great trial period (18 months!).


  • Designed to give the best possible sleep
  • CertiPUR-US approved, with no harmful chemicals used in the production.
  • Layered design for pressure relief, allowing contours for your body and resulting in less pain in the body.


  • The mattress might be a little too soft for some people.

Haven Boutique Mattress

905 Reviews

Best Features

  • 7 layers of different types of memory foam

  • Luxurious sleep & affordable price

  • Luxuriously soft cotton cover

  • Everlasting Warranty™& 18-months trial

This Haven Boutique mattress manages to redefine deep sleep and pairs it with dual action cooling, superior support, and a lofty feel.

Made from 7 layers of premium materials, the mattress is designed specifically for the best rest you could get. Starting with the Ice fabric cooling cover (made from premium fibers and gel sewn into the quilted surface) and down to the 8″ tall solid base (made from high-density memory foam), the Boutique mattress is all about comfort and support.

The middle layers help draw the heat away from the body and provide the surface with a cool sensation. Furthermore, the surface is designed with TrueCloud Cooling Foam™, which is specially designed to prevent any heat buildup (as it tends to happen with standard memory foam designs).

Lastly, you can test this mattress for as long as you want due to the 18-months trial period. And, if you’re still on the edge, the Everlasting Warranty and free shipping and returns should be enough to sway you over.


  • 7-layer foam construction
  • High-density foam for the base layer (to increase durability)
  • Ideal for back support and tension relief


  • The mattress may have a strong memory foam smell at first

Buying Guide


Before making a purchase, check if the mattress checks out with your preference of softness/firmness. The best way to do that is to check the mattress in person since it’s hard to gauge something like softness over your laptop. A mattress that might be soft to a certain user might be too firm for another. 

Comfort Level

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a mattress is the level of comfort it provides, as it is the one thing everyone looks for in a good night’s sleep. The comfort usually depends on the type of foam that is used in the mattress, the firmness, and the covers that come with it. Remember that just because a mattress is soft, does not necessarily mean that it is more comfortable. Softness can cause it to sag, which ultimately has effects on your spine. 


Most people like a mattress that can conform to their body, so make sure you check for that when making a purchase. Mattresses that come with memory foam usually have contortion according to body movement properties. If you’re the type to enjoy a mattress that makes you feel held-up, then you should go for the innerspring mattresses. For sleepers that enjoy free sleep, the Euro Top mattresses are the best choice. 


Always consider the size of the area you are getting the mattress before making your purchase accordingly. The bed should not take over the design and style of your bedroom and always make sure to account for doors and the area surrounding the bed. 


4.9/5 Reviews

Best Features

  • Modern sleep technologies and materials

  • A luxury hybrid design

  • Perfect for side-, back-, and combo sleepers

  • Comfy & supportive at the same time

When it comes to the best alternative to the Saatva mattress, the Nolah Evolution is our #1 choice. This mattress is both comforting and breathable which makes it perfect for a wide range of people. Overall, the Nolah Evolution and its features supported by advanced sleep technologies make for a fantastic purchase!

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