What we Do?

TheSleepMatters.com is a team of sleep enthusiasts that believe in the value of quality sleep for health and well-being. We come together to provide you with information to choose the most suitable mattress for your needs.

Our team understands that it could be tricky to select from an ocean of choices, not mentioning the amount of time it would consume. We’ll feature product reviews and guides on this website to which you can refer.

Review Process

Our reviewers follow a systematic review process.

First, we read and learn about the featured product category, ensuring we know what we’re writing about and lead you in the right direction.

Next, we find the top products in the category, search forums, and authority websites. Look up verified customer reviews to find out what they’re saying and how their experience is – pleasant or not – in using the products.

Once done, we rank all the products based on their performance, quality, features, and overall customer feedback, and then review and highlight each product’s pros and cons so that you can compare your options better.

All reviews on TheSleepMatters.com are unbiased and fair. We are an independent team of reviewers that don’t get compensated for any featured product on this website.

Our Team

Charles Vallena

Charles believes that sleep is as important as exercise for staying healthy.

Adequate sleep is not just relaxing but also nurturing. He’s tried a couple of mattresses in his life and must say that there are still many mattresses that need to be discovered, so he built TheSleepMatters.com.

He is no sleep doctor, but he believes that a nice, comfy mattress can help people with hip or joint pain and other conditions sleep better.


Co-Founder, Managing Editor

Janine ensures that the website is always online and manages the technical side of things and website editing.

She loves the outdoors and hikes with friends on the weekends. She aspires to climb Mt. Everest one day but realizes zero internet connectivity is possible.

Kidding aside, Janine wants to become a Bear Grylls lady version and to explore the wild for her video documentaries.

One thing is certain – she’ll never leave her air mattress for camping behind in all her adventures.


Staff, Editor

Sarah’s responsible for the managing content on this website and handles proofreading and editing.

She ensures that the website stays abreast of the latest industry trends and products and plans for the next content for writing and review.

Her hobbies include reading psychology- and climate-change-related news and articles.

She also loves eco-friendly, comfortable bamboo mattresses. When not content managing, she’s reading detective and crime investigation books or watching soldier themed movies/series on Netflix


Content Manager
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